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Roy Anthony Shabla is a poet and writer and has published books on various subjects.  His volume of ecstatic poetry, eating God, received rave reviews and remains an often-quoted teaching tool in classes of the spiritual arts, meditation, yoga, tai chi.  His current project is the Karma Cookbook, a dissertation on the spiritual properties of food. His newest book, (PEACE) WORDS, documents his early life as a poet, artist, and vandal. See excerpt below.

Roy Anthony Shabla is an artist working in various media with current projects in painting, handmade books, and film.  His work is represented in numerous private collections across the country.  He also designs handmade and production clothing as well as commercial books and websites.  He is an active art collector and has been a regular lecturer on antique decorative arts at Scripps College and various events in the Los Angeles area.  He consults on the selection and placement of fine art as part of his feng shui work, both private and public.

Roy Anthony Shabla is a guru and healer and teaches ongoing meditation classes in the Los Angeles area.  He is the founder of and designer of the Spiritual Remedies.  His private practice includes clients from all walks of life across the country.

Roy Anthony Shabla is a feng shui master and is regularly consulted in dire circumstances.  His annual feng shui workshops and consultations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and other cities are greatly anticipated and respected. His personal combination of psychic reading, spiritual healing, and feng shui has changed the lives of thousands of people.

One aspect of his feng shui work is garden design.  Roy Anthony Shabla designed or consulted on numerous private and public gardens in both the United States and Mexico.  He specializes in peaceful and romantic garden oases emphasizing the placement of outdoor art.

Roy Anthony Shabla graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Folklore (with a specialty in Literature and Art) from the Small College at Cal State Dominguez Hills.  He also graduated with a PhD. in Natural Healing (with a specialty in Spiritual Healing) from Brantridge University in Sussex, England.  Excerpts from his dissertation on architectural ecology (natural and spiritual building) were published as "Healing the Hurt Home" in Borderlands Research Journal.

He has been a long-standing and militant advocate for holistic wellness, sustainable ecology, and peace in the world.

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